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How do your customers want to interact with you?

86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience while 89% will leave due to poor customer experience.


What is a Contact Center?

At the heart of every business is their customer interaction.  In the old days, these interactions happened over the phone but nowadays your customers want to interact with you in a variety of ways.  A Contact Center is the term used to define the process by which all of these interactions take place.  If you have more than 5 employees who interact with customers (technical support, customer service, inside sales, outbound sales, etc.) then you technically have a contact center.  Contact Center software connects all of these departments together to increase efficiency and improve customer experience.


Why a Contact Center?

Your customers want to communicate with you in new ways that work best for them whether it’s through social media, SMS, Web-site chat, email or over the phone.  86% of customers will pay more for better customer service while 89% will leave due to poor customer service.  Contact Center software automates many of these processes so they are integrated into one simple application that agents can operate efficiently.       

Working closely with you.

It’s important to get input from as many departments as possible.  Human resources may be planning to implement a work from home or flex time policy.  Production may be planning to implement wireless tracking of machinery or other devices (IOT) either on site or remotely.  Customer service might be looking to improve Customer Experience by implementing a Contact Center.  Further yet, senior management may be looking to add locations in the next twelve to 24 months.  Each one of these initiatives has an impact on the “four P’s”.  It is important to understand the plans for the foreseeable future to develop a sound strategy.  Our experienced Subject Matter Experts will help you consider various possibilities to make the best decision for your company.  As always, our product is “decisionable” information which allows senior management to make the best decision at the given time.

People and Technology.

There are two things that set us apart, people and technology.  We have unbiased subject matter experts in every area of digital infrastructure.  These subject matter experts are at our disposal to provide invaluable knowledge and guidance.

We have unique and proprietary technology tools to help us identify the right players in the appropriate digital space specific to your company based on locations, platforms, integrations, work force specialties and features that are unique to YOU.  

Three Phases.



Ongoing Maintenance

Every digital project requires all three of these phases.  Brisk Consulting is with you during all three of these phases as an advisor, advocate, sounding board and industry insider.  We help you do your job better.

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