Mobility and IOT (Internet of Things)

Devices for a connected world

Tablets, Smartphones, Hotspots/USB sticks, Machine 2 Machine – like Kiosks,
Digital Signage, Tracking inventory, Body Cams



With the advent of Smart phones come Smart devices, there are an exponentially growing number of Smart devices that can be accessed and connected.  The applications are limitless and the next wave of fast growing companies will harness the information that can be provided by these devices.  We are seeing it in retail and hospitality with mobile cash registers and card readers.  There are applications in manufacturing, transportation, distribution, medical, construction  or any business that produces a product or provides a service.  In short, every industry will be transformed by IOT and Mobility boom.


Your business

Virtually any device can be converted into a mobile device and therefore become part of the IOT.  At the heart of the revolution is the increased desire for information.  How can your business be transformed with access to more information?  Be creative, think outside the box.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.  Brisk Consulting has access to Subject Matter Experts who can help turn your idea into reality.       


Think about any time you have to walk or drive somewhere to get information or do something.  These are all IOT opportunities

Think about information you wish you had but don’t want to pay someone to collect the information.  These are all IOT opportunities

Think about times where you wish you could be in two places at the same time.  These are all IOT opportunities.

Think about places that you simply can’t get to.  These are IOT opportunities.           


Working closely with you.

It’s important to get input from as many departments as possible.  Human resources may be planning to implement a work from home or flex time policy.  Production may be planning to implement wireless tracking of machinery or other devices (IOT) either on site or remotely.  Customer service might be looking to improve Customer Experience by implementing a Contact Center.  Further yet, senior management may be looking to add locations in the next twelve to 24 months.  Each one of these initiatives has an impact on the “four P’s”.  It is important to understand the plans for the foreseeable future to develop a sound strategy.  Our experienced Subject Matter Experts will help you consider various possibilities to make the best decision for your company.  As always, our product is “decisionable” information which allows senior management to make the best decision at the given time.

People and Technology.

There are two things that set us apart, people and technology.  We have unbiased subject matter experts in every area of digital infrastructure.  These subject matter experts are at our disposal to provide invaluable knowledge and guidance.

We have unique and proprietary technology tools to help us identify the right players in the appropriate digital space specific to your company based on locations, platforms, integrations, work force specialties and features that are unique to YOU.  

Three Phases.



Ongoing Maintenance

Every digital project requires all three of these phases.  Brisk Consulting is with you during all three of these phases as an advisor, advocate, sounding board and industry insider.  We help you do your job better.

Our Vendors

We work with all of the world class companies in each industry.  Open this document to see a sample of them.

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