Software Defined – Wide Area Network


It’s all about cost effective performance



What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN replaces high cost MPLS/Private bandwidth with best cost Internet at each location.  SD-WAN ties these various locations together with sophisticated software to replicate a private network.    

SD-WAN also provides advanced capabilities to enhance network performance over multiple connections by choosing the best connection at any given moment, all in real time.  SD-WAN is easy to deploy and maintain and provides excellent network visibility.  SD-WAN is the ideal solution to maintain QOS on a VoIP platform or any application that requires real time network access over a single or multiple location.   

Which company should you choose?

You should choose a vendor and platform that suits your unique needs.  There are hundreds of choices in the market and determining which one is right for you requires a thoughtful analysis of current and future network uses.  Brisk Consulting will take you through this analysis and narrow down your choices to solutions that are tailored to your plans, saving you dozens of hours.  We will present you with “decisionable” information based on your specific requirements at no cost to you.